SAGAcom Productions Crew

Don Howell

Over the years Rick has come to rely on advice and direction from other professionals in other multimedia areas. One of those professionals is Don Howell who is an audio specialist and has given advice on the purchase of quality sound recording and editing equipment as well as on the best use of that equipment. Don remains a good strategic alliance to SAGAcom Productions in both advice and service.

Frank Falkus

One of the most important strategic alliances that SAGAcom Productions has made over the years has been with Mr. Frank Falkus, who has a unique and wonderful talent in animation and 3D graphics. Realizing the opportunity to provide a higher level of quality service, SAGAcom Productions agreed with Frank to create an associate Company and they incorporated Aurora Digital FX Inc.

Frank has proven his ability on several projects that SAGAcom Productions has created and will continue to add his valuable artistic flare to many more in the future. The Client need only see the quality of Frank’s work to appreciate the added benefit this strategic alliance gives to SAGAcom’s overall offering.

Jordan Coble

Rick has not only had the pleasure of filming his son Jordan from the time he was three months old, and throughout his young life, but now Rick has the pleasure of having his son write scripts for some of his recent productions. Jordan provided the script for the Westbank First Nation video production entitled: “Honoring Our Elders” and the project was a huge success in large part due to Jordan’s writing skills. Jordan is also an up-and-coming videographer in his own right.

Knowing Jordan has an ability to draft quality scripts, SAGAcom Productions is now able to offer script writing as an additional service it can offer. So now the Client can develop their own script, have assistance to create a script or simply have SAGAcom Productions draft one for them to approve.